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We want to get you going faster online, for less with our totally unlimited fibre broadband and unlimited cal package Enjoy a faster, more reliable connection than standard broadband, with no usage cap.


Phone Lines & Calls

Our range of voice services can transform the way you do business, giving you a more reliable, cost-effective, secure and flexible way to communicate with colleagues and customers.


We provide a choice of fast, dependable and value-for-money small business broadband and fibre packages, so, no matter what your needs are, you can stay connected in a way that suits you.

Mobile SIM

UNLIMITED CALLS & TEXTS + 20GB DATA Ultimate Business Only Mobile bundles from £7.99 per month*. International SIM Card works in most unlocked GSM phones. Just swap your regular SIM card with our international SIM card before traveling.

Cloud Voice SIP

Spend less on business calls and get more flexibility with Maxima Cloud Voice SIP.You can have as many numbers as you like – without paying for separate phone lines. And because calls are prioritised over other internet traffic, you’ll always have a great connection.

Go superfast with fibre broadband

Get online your way with the UK’s most powerful wi-fi signal.

We’ve got the broadband speed you need to

stay connected to all the things that matter to you.  

Join from £9.99 a month
(18 month contract, Line Rental £16.99 )

No broadband price rises in 2019

Join today and your broadband price won’t go up in 2019. And get your choice of tech worth up to £179 with Superfast Fibre.

Maxima International SIM Card

Get our prepaid international SIM card to save 85% on international roaming charges while traveling worldwide. Each international SIM card includes both a European and U.S. number, with the option to add additional numbers in many other countries. If you need an unlocked GSM cell phone, then check out our international cell phone bundles.

Future communications now

From cloud-based virtual phones and networks

that never lose connection, to getting the Internet

of Things talking, we’re always innovating.

Tomorrow’s tech today.   

Join from £9.99 a month.


Get more for your money with a Vodafone and O2 SIM deals. Hassle and commitment free, you have the freedom to do much more. All SIM-only plans include 4G

,From £8.99/month All prices ex VAT.

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