Welcome To Maxima Telecom

Provider of great value telecom services including broadband, mobile, TV and SIP connection services to businesses and residential customers in UK. As an independent provider, we work with all of the major telecommunications networks and suppliers, meaning we’ll always get the best deal in the market for our customers.

Maxima Telecom are for everyone

At Maxima Telecom, we know that having fast and reliable fibre broadband is no longer just a nice-to-have. It’s a necessity. So that’s exactly what we provide. At great value, and with no compromises on quality or service.

We’ve always played fair

Since we started in 2012, we’ve always put customers first. From offering free calls between Maxima customers in 2013, to launching free broadband for all in 2012. It’s fair to say the last 8 years have given our customers more of the things they want, with none of the stuff they don’t.

Fixed Prices

Absolutely no mid-contract broadband price rises. Guaranteed.When our existing loyal customers come to an end of their contract, we offer them better value or the same package available to new customers.

Broadband Solutions

We offer ADSL broadband, superfast and ultrafast unlimited fibre, business-grade connections. Achieve more for less with Maxima Telecom. Get cheaper business fibre prices than the top UK business broadband providers.

Grab Better Deal

We combine straightforward solutions, including fibre broadband, mobile tariffs and phone systems, with friendly, helpful people to support businesses with their communications needs, now and as they grow.